Source code for nbgrader.plugins.zipcollect

import os
import re
import shutil

from textwrap import dedent
from traitlets import Bool, List, Unicode

from .base import BasePlugin
from ..utils import unzip

[docs]class ExtractorPlugin(BasePlugin): """Submission archive files extractor plugin for the :class:`~nbgrader.apps.zipcollectapp.ZipCollectApp`. Extractor plugin subclasses MUST inherit from this class. """ force = Bool( default_value=False, help="Force overwrite of existing files." ).tag(config=True) zip_ext = List( ['.zip', '.gz'], help=dedent( """ List of valid archive (zip) filename extensions to extract. Any archive (zip) files with an extension not in this list are copied to the `extracted_directory`. """ ) ).tag(config=True)
[docs] def extract(self, archive_path, extracted_path): """Extract archive (zip) files and submission files in the `archive_directory`. Files are extracted to the `extracted_directory`. Non-archive (zip) files found in the `archive_directory` are copied to the `extracted_directory`. This is the main function called by the :class:`~nbgrader.apps.zipcollectapp.ZipCollectApp` for each archive file to be extracted. Arguments --------- archive_path: str Absolute path to the `archive_directory`. extracted_path: str Absolute path to the `extracted_directory`. """ if not os.listdir(archive_path): self.log.warning( "No files found in directory: {}".format(archive_path)) return for root, _, archive_files in os.walk(archive_path): if not archive_files: continue extract_to = os.path.normpath(os.path.join( extracted_path, os.path.relpath(root, archive_path) )) if not os.path.isdir(extract_to): os.makedirs(extract_to) for zfile in archive_files: zfile = os.path.join(root, zfile) filename, ext = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(zfile)) # unzip (tree) each archive file in archive_path if ext in self.zip_ext: # double splitext for .tar.gz fname, ext = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(filename)) if ext == '.tar': filename = fname"Extracting from: {}".format(zfile))" Extracting to: {}".format( os.path.join(extract_to, filename))) unzip( zfile, extract_to, zip_ext=self.zip_ext, create_own_folder=True, tree=True ) # move each non-archive file in archive_path else: dest = os.path.join(extract_to, os.path.basename(zfile))"Copying from: {}".format(zfile))" Copying to: {}".format(dest)) shutil.copy(zfile, dest)
[docs]class FileNameCollectorPlugin(BasePlugin): """Submission filename collector plugin for the :class:`~nbgrader.apps.zipcollectapp.ZipCollectApp`. Collect plugin subclasses MUST inherit from this class. """ named_regexp = Unicode( default_value='', help=dedent( """ This regular expression is applied to each submission filename and MUST be supplied by the instructor. This regular expression MUST provide the `(?P<student_id>...)` and `(?P<file_id>...)` named group expressions. Optionally this regular expression can also provide the `(?P<first_name>...)`, `(?P<last_name>...)`, `(?P<email>...)`, and `(?P<timestamp>...)` named group expressions. For example if the filename is: `ps1_bitdiddle_attempt_2016-01-30-15-00-00_problem1.ipynb` then this `named_regexp` could be: ".*_(?P<student_id>\w+)_attempt_(?P<timestamp>[0-9\-]+)_(?P<file_id>\w+)" For named group regular expression examples see """ ) ).tag(config=True) valid_ext = List( default_value=['.ipynb'], help=dedent( """ List of valid submission filename extensions to collect. Any submitted file with an extension not in this list is skipped. """ ) ).tag(config=True) def _match(self, filename): """Match the named group regular expression to the beginning of the filename and return the match groupdict or None if no match. """ if not self.named_regexp: self.log.warning( "Regular expression not provided for plugin. Run with " "`--help-all` flag for more information." ) return None match = re.match(self.named_regexp, filename) if not match or not match.groups(): self.log.warning( "Regular expression '{}' did not match anything in: {}" "".format(self.named_regexp, filename) ) return None gd = match.groupdict() self.log.debug( "Regular expression '{}' matched\n'{}' in: {}" "".format(self.named_regexp, gd, filename) ) return gd
[docs] def collect(self, submitted_file): """This is the main function called by the :class:`~nbgrader.apps.zipcollectapp.ZipCollectApp` for each submitted file. Note this function must also return a dictionary or None for sub-classed plugins. Arguments --------- submitted_file: str Each submitted file in the ``extracted_directory`` (absolute path). Returns ------- groupdict: dict Collected data from the filename or None if the file should be skipped. Collected data is a dict of the form:: { file_id: file_id, # MUST be provided student_id: student_id, # MUST be provided timestamp: timestamp # Can optional be provided } Note: ``file_id`` MUST include the the relative path to the assignment if you are collecting files in assignment sub-folders. """ _, ext = os.path.splitext(submitted_file) # Skip any files without the correct extension if ext not in self.valid_ext: self.log.debug("Invalid file extension {}: {}".format(ext, submitted_file)) return None groupdict = self._match(submitted_file) if not groupdict: return None return groupdict