Third party resources

The following are a set of third-party resources that may be useful to instructors using Jupyter in the classroom. Some of these are meant to be used in conjunction with nbgrader, while others are a replacement. nbgrader does not endorse or recommend any of the following resources in particular, but we maintain these lists as they may be useful to other instructors in setting up their classes.

If you find any issues with the lists below, or wish to add more resources to it, please open an issue or submit a PR!

Libraries, Tools, and Platforms

Visualize Python code execution (line-by-line) in Jupyter Notebook cells.
Lightweight python framework for creating auto-evaluated exercises inside a jupyter (python) notebook.
Interact is a JupyterHub hub-side service that can import remote notebooks into user accounts.
A set of utilities for checking and grading matplotlib plots
activity magic
The Activity Magic is a method of giving quizzes, polls, etc. to a group of users on a jupyterhub server.
A Python script that will search for and print contents of cells in Jupyter notebooks. Useful for grepping through notebooks to detect plagiarism.
hide code
Code, prompt and output hiding for Jupyter/IPython notebooks.
A lightweight feedback extension for Jupyter. Ordo allows users to add feedback messages in a cell’s metadata. The feedback is appended to cell’s output as a success or failure message based on the result the cell produces.
Zesje is an online grading system for written exams.
A cloud-based service that provides infrastructure and services that are useful for running courses based on Jupyter Notebooks.
Cloud-based hosted Jupyter notebooks with nbgrader integration.

Presentations and Educational Materials

Instructor Workshop: Jupyter in the Classroom
Teaching Instructors about Jupyter
Jupyter in Education Map
Interactive map with universities using Jupyter