Before making a PR, please run the test suite locally and make sure everything passes.

We have automatic tests on Travis CI, but they take a long time to run and sometimes randomly time out, so it will be much more efficient if you can test locally first.

Testing labextensions

Labextensions tests use playwright, which must be initialize first:

npx playwright install

Running the full test suite

To run the full test suite, run the following command from the root of the repository:

python tasks.py tests

Running selective groups of tests

To run a selective group of tests you can use one of the following commands:



python tasks.py tests --group=python

Run tests only for the Python code

python tasks.py tests --group=nbextensions

Run tests only for the notebook extensions

python tasks.py tests --group=labextensions

Run tests only for the jupyter lab extensions

python tasks.py tests --group=docs

Build the docs

python tasks.py tests --group=all

Same as python tasks.py tests

Using pytest to run a single test module

If you want to choose an even more specific subset of tests, you should run pytest directly. For example, to run only the tests for nbgrader generate_assignment:

pytest nbgrader/tests/apps/test_nbgrader_assign.py