A summary of changes to nbgrader.



nbgrader version 0.6.2 is a bugfix release. The following PRs were merged:

  • PR #1443: Fix broken windows tests

  • PR #1410: partial credit returns zero when score is zero

  • PR #1388: Move from travis ci to github actions

  • PR #1384: Fix migrations.

  • PR #1369: Pin nbconvert to 5.6.1, traitlets to 4.3.3 and pytest to <6.0.0

  • PR #1362: Fix migration, grade cells were looking for a non-existing column

  • PR #1356: add SAS codestub and autograde for metakernel based non-python kernels

  • PR #1352: Description of “what is nbgrader?”

  • PR #1343: Update deprecated jquery functions and update jquery

  • PR #1341: Make format_path behave the same for absolute paths

  • PR #1319: use rapidfuzz instead of fuzzywuzzy

  • PR #1308: docs: Fix formgrader group name in docs

  • PR #1288: Fixes #1283: Replace AppVeyor badge with Azure Devops badge

  • PR #1281: Demos using Python3

  • PR #1249: timestamp_format raises an exception

Thanks to the following users who submitted PRs or reported issues that were merged or fixed for the 0.6.1 release:

  • BertR

  • chinery

  • echuber2

  • enisnazif

  • fredcallaway

  • HanTeo

  • jgwerner

  • jhamrick

  • jld23

  • kcranston

  • lzach

  • maxbachmann

  • nklever

  • Patil2099

  • rkdarst

  • tmetzl


nbgrader version 0.6.1 is a bugfix release. The following PRs were merged:

  • PR #1280: Fix inappropriate use of sum with newer sqlite

  • PR #1278: Fix course list hanging when exchange has not been created

  • PR #1272: Improve test coverage in auth folder

  • PR #1270: Add requirements for readthedocs

  • PR #1267: Improve the error message on the assignments page

  • PR #1260: Set up CI with Azure Pipelines

  • PR #1245: Move away from using the internal Traitles API to load default configuration.

  • PR #1243: Fix project name typo

  • PR #1228: Fix formgrader API

  • PR #1227: Bump pytest required version to 4.5 for custom marker support

  • PR #1208: Improve coverage of nbgraderformat

  • PR #1205: Check for newer feedback in nbgrader list

  • PR #1204: Force generate feedback by default in API

  • PR #1200: Associate feedback files with unique submission attempts

  • PR #1197: Do not duplicate assignments when fetching feedback

  • PR #1196: Fix config warning in ExchangeReleaseAssignment

  • PR #1194: Update releasing instructions

Thanks to the following users who submitted PRs or reported issues that were merged or fixed for the 0.6.1 release:

  • BertR

  • enisnazif

  • jhamrick

  • kinow

  • nthiery

  • sir-dio


nbgrader version 0.6.0 is a major release, involving over 100 PRs and 60 issues. This includes many bug fixes, small enhancements, and improved docs. The major new features include:

  • Better support for multiple classes with JupyterHub. In particular, a new “Course List” extension has been added which provides instructors access to separate formgrader instances for all the classes they can manage. Additionally, JupyterHub authentication is used to control which students have access to which assignments.

  • Better LMS integration (for example, adding a lms_user_id column in the Student table of the database).

  • Better support for feedback. In particular, there is now the ability to generate and return feedback to students through nbgrader with the generate_feedback and release_feedback commands, and the ability for students to fetch feedback with the fetch_feedback command. This functionality is also available through the formgrader and Assignment List extensions.

  • Instructions for how to do grading inside a Docker container, for increased protection against malicious code submitted by students.

  • A new type of nbgrader cell called a “task” cell which supports more open-ended solutions which may span multiple cells.

Important: Users updating from 0.5.x to 0.6.0 should be aware that they will need to do the following (please make sure to back up your files before doing so, just in case anything goes wrong!):

  • Update their nbgrader database using nbgrader db upgrade.

  • Update the metadata in their assignments using nbgrader update.

  • Reinstall the nbgrader extensions (see Installation).

Please also note that some of the nbgrader commands have been renamed, for consistency with the new feedback commands:

  • nbgrader assign is now nbgrader generate_assignment

  • nbgrader release is now nbgrader release_assignment

  • nbgrader fetch is now nbgrader fetch_assignment

The full list of PRs is:

  • PR #1191: Allow access to formgrader when not using JuptyerHub auth

  • PR #1190: Add JupyterHub demos

  • PR #1186: Remove student_id and change root to cache, permission check to only execute

  • PR #1184: Move the fetch feedback API from formgrader to assignment_list

  • PR #1183: Feedback: update fetch_feedback command line help

  • PR #1180: Fix versions of pytest and nbconvert

  • PR #1179: Add CourseDir.student_id_exclude option to exclude students

  • PR #1169: Fix minor typo in js extension helper text

  • PR #1164: assignment_dir: Add into several missing places

  • PR #1152: Rename ‘nbgrader fetch’ to ‘nbgrader fetch_assignment’

  • PR #1151: Rename ‘nbgrader release’ to ‘nbgrader release_assignment’

  • PR #1147: Add test to ensure that db upgrade succeeds before running assign

  • PR #1145: Rename nbgrader feedback to nbgrader generate_feedback

  • PR #1140: A few more updates to the docs for multiple classes

  • PR #1139: Additional docs sanitization

  • PR #1138: Ensure that cell type changes result in valid nbgrader metadata

  • PR #1137: Rename “nbgrader assign” to “nbgrader generate_assignment”

  • PR #1135: section on grading in docker container

  • PR #1131: Better support for multiple classes

  • PR #1127: Better documentation of

  • PR #1126: Remove the third party resources page

  • PR #1125: Check that the course directory is a subdirectory of the notebook dir

  • PR #1124: Only run nbextensions tests on oldest and newest versions of python

  • PR #1123: Ensure course directory root path has no trailing slashes

  • PR #1122: Fix incorrect usage of Exchange.course_id

  • PR #1121: Fix logfile

  • PR #1120: Integrate feedback distribution within nbgrader

  • PR #1119: added a sanatizing step to the doc creation.

  • PR #1118: Integrate course_id into the api and apps

  • PR #1116: Autograde & Assign: create missing students/assignments by default

  • PR #1115: Fix typo in tmp filename prefix in

  • PR #1114: Documentation for multiple classes

  • PR #1113: Add a course list extension that shows all courses an instructor can manage

  • PR #1112: Locate all configurable classes for generate_config subcommand

  • PR #1111: Optional consistency check between owner and student_id upon collect

  • PR #1110: Systematic use of utils.get_username instead of $USER

  • PR #1109: naming the temporary directories in tests

  • PR #1108: Extended support for filtering files copied in the exchange

  • PR #1106: Remove testing of python 3.4

  • PR #1105: Remove extra keys in nbgrader metadata and better schema mismatch errors

  • PR #1102: Only build docs with one version of python

  • PR #1101: Add jupyter education book to third party resources

  • PR #1100: Run test in the python group in parallel using pytest-xdist

  • PR #1099: Add course table, add course_id column to assignment

  • PR #1098: Customizable student ID in nbgrader submit

  • PR #1094: Update license

  • PR #1093: Add authentication plugin support

  • PR #1090: partial credit for autograde test cells

  • PR #1088: Remove version requirement from urllib3

  • PR #1084: Fix miscellaneous bugs

  • PR #1080: compatibility with SQLAlchemy 1.3+

  • PR #1075: Give ExecutePreprocessor the Traitlets config during validation

  • PR #1071: student and assignment selection in exportapp implemented

  • PR #1064: Validate all cells

  • PR #1061: Set env var NBGRADER_VALIDATING when validating

  • PR #1054: Raise error when executed task fails

  • PR #1053: Remove changes to and dependency on invoke

  • PR #1051: Remove spellcheck and enchant dependency

  • PR #1040: Restrict access for students to different courses

  • PR #1036: Add a general lms user id column to the student table

  • PR #1032: fix: return info of reper function is wrong in

  • PR #1029: Documentation fix to add info re: timeout errors.

  • PR #1028: Some improvements to the contributor list script

  • PR #1026: Mark test_same_part_navigation as flaky

  • PR #1025: Fixing failing tests, take 2

  • PR #1024: Fix deprecation warning with timezones

  • PR #1023: Ensure nbgrader list still works with random strings

  • PR #1021: Fix tests, all of which are failing :(

  • PR #1019: Make nbgrader quickstart work with existing directories

  • PR #1018: Add missing close > for url to display correctly

  • PR #1017: Fix all redirection

  • PR #1014: a mistake in comment

  • PR #1005: Add random string to submission filenames for better hiding

  • PR #1002: Change to notebook directory when validating (repeat of #880)

  • PR #1001: Allow setting a different assignment dir for students than the root notebook directory

  • PR #1000: Allow instructors to share files via shared group id

  • PR #994: Add link to jupyter in education map

  • PR #991: Fix broken documentation

  • PR #990: Include section on mocking (autograding resources)

  • PR #989: Update developer installation instructions

  • PR #984: Adding global graded tasks

  • PR #975: Fix the link to the activity magic

  • PR #972: Use mathjax macro for formgrader

  • PR #967: Added note in FAQ about changing cell ids

  • PR #964: Added “if __name__ == “__main__”:”

  • PR #963: Add third party resources to the documentation

  • PR #962: Add grant_extension method to the gradebook

  • PR #959: Allow apps to use -f and –force

  • PR #958: Do some amount of fuzzy problem set name matching

  • PR #957: Remove underscores from task names

  • PR #955: Ignore .pytest_cache in .gitignore

  • PR #954: Fix bug in find_all_files that doesn’t properly ignore directories

  • PR #953: update log.warn (deprecated) to log.warning

  • PR #948: Move config file generation to a separate app

  • PR #947: Exclude certain assignment files from being overwritten during autograding

  • PR #946: Fix failing tests

  • PR #937: Strip whitespace from assignment, student, and course ids

  • PR #936: Switch from PhamtomJS to Firefox

  • PR #934: Skip filtering notebooks when ExchangeSubmit.strict == True

  • PR #933: Fix failing tests

  • PR #932: Prevent assignments from being created with invalid names

  • PR #911: Update installation.rst

  • PR #909: Friendlier error messages when encountering a schema mismatch

  • PR #908: Better validation errors when cell type changes

  • PR #906: Resolves issues with UTF-8

  • PR #905: Update changelog and rebuild docs from 0.5.4

  • PR #900: Improve issue template to explain logic behind filling it out

  • PR #899: Help for csv import

  • PR #897: Give more details on how to use formgrader and jupyterhub

  • PR #892: Format code blocks in installation instructions

  • PR #886: Add nbval for non-Windows tests/CI

  • PR #877: Create

  • PR #871: Fix NbGraderAPI.timezone handling

  • PR #870: added java, matlab, and octave codestubs to

  • PR #853: Update changelog from 0.5.x releases

  • PR #838: Fetch multiple assignments in one command

Huge thanks to the following users who submitted PRs or reported issues that were merged or fixed for the 0.6.0 release:

  • 00Kai0

  • Alexanderallenbrown

  • aliandra

  • amellinger

  • BertR

  • Carreau

  • cdvv7788

  • Ciemaar

  • consideRatio

  • damianavila

  • danielmaitre

  • DavidNemeskey

  • davidpwilliamson

  • davis68

  • ddbourgin

  • ddland

  • dechristo

  • destitutus

  • dsblank

  • edouardtheron

  • fenwickipedia

  • fm75

  • FranLucchini

  • gertingold

  • hcastilho

  • JanBobolz

  • jedbrown

  • jhamrick

  • jnak12

  • kcranston

  • kthyng

  • lgpage

  • liffiton

  • mikezawitkowski

  • mozebdi

  • mpacer

  • nabriis

  • nthiery

  • perllaghu

  • QuantumEntangledAndy

  • rgerkin

  • rkdarst

  • Ruin0x11

  • rwest

  • ryanlovett

  • samhinshaw

  • Sefriol

  • sigurdurb

  • slel

  • soldis

  • swarnava

  • takluyver

  • thotypous

  • vahtras


  • vidartf

  • willingc

  • yangkky

  • zonca



nbgrader version 0.5.6 is a small release that only unpins the version of IPython and Jupyter console.


nbgrader version 0.5.5 is a release for the Journal of Open Source education, with the following PRs merged:

  • PR #1057: Ensure consistency in capitalizing Jupyter Notebook

  • PR #1049: Update test builds on Travis

  • PR #1047: JOSE paper bib updates

  • PR #1045: Dev requirements and spelling tests

  • PR #1016: Fix anaconda link

  • PR #973: Create a paper on nbgrader

Thanks to the following users who submitted PRs or reported issues that were fixed for the 0.5.5 release:

  • jedbrown

  • jhamrick

  • swarnava

  • willingc


nbgrader version 0.5.4 is a bugfix release, with the following PRs merged:

  • PR #898: Make sure validation is run in the correct directory

  • PR #895: Add test and fix for parsing csv key names with spaces

  • PR #888: Fix overwritekernelspec preprocessor and update tests

  • PR #880: change directory when validating notebooks

  • PR #873: Fix issue with student dictionaries when assignments have zero points

Thanks to the following users who submitted PRs or reported issues that were fixed for the 0.5.4 release:

  • jcsutherland

  • jhamrick

  • lgpage

  • misolietavec

  • mpacer

  • ncclementi

  • randy3k


nbgrader version 0.5.3 is a bugfix release, with the following PRs merged:

  • PR #868: Fix travis to work with trusty

  • PR #867: Change to the root of the course directory before running nbgrader converters

  • PR #866: Set nbgrader url prefix to be relative to notebook_dir

  • PR #865: Produce warnings if the exchange isn’t set up correctly

  • PR #864: Fix link to jupyterhub docs

  • PR #861: fix the html to ipynb in docs

Thanks to the following users who submitted PRs or reported issues that were fixed for the 0.5.3 release:

  • jhamrick

  • misolietavec

  • mpacer

  • rdpratti


nbgrader version 0.5.2 is a bugfix release, with most of the bugs being discovered and subsequently fixed by the sprinters at SciPy 2017! The following PRs were merged:

  • PR #852: Fix spelling wordlist, again

  • PR #850: Include extension with feedback template filename

  • PR #848: Add links to the scipy talk

  • PR #847: Fix html export config options to avoid warnings

  • PR #846: Disallow negative point values

  • PR #845: Don’t install assignment list on windows

  • PR #844: Reveal ids if names aren’t set

  • PR #843: Update spelling wordlist

  • PR #840: Avoid extension errors when exchange is missing

  • PR #839: Always raise on convert failure

  • PR #837: Report mismatch extension versions

  • PR #836: Add documentation for course_id and release

  • PR #835: DOC: correct Cell Toolbar location

  • PR #833: Include quickstart .ipynb header

  • PR #831: Fix typo on Managing assignment docs

  • PR #830: Print out app subcommands by default

  • PR #825: Add directory structure example

  • PR #824: Add FAQ sections

  • PR #823: Typo fix.

  • PR #819: Update install instructions

  • PR #816: Add jupyter logo

  • PR #802: Fix bug with autograding when there is no timestamp

Thanks to the following users who submitted PRs or reported issues that were fixed for the 0.5.2 release:

  • arcticbarra

  • BjornFJohansson

  • hetland

  • ixjlyons

  • jhamrick

  • katyhuff

  • ksunden

  • lgpage

  • ncclementi

  • Ruin0x11


nbgrader version 0.5.1 is a bugfix release mainly fixing an issue with the formgrader. The following PRs were merged:

  • PR #792: Make sure relative paths to source and release dirs are correct

  • PR #791: Use the correct version number in the docs


nbgrader version 0.5.0 is another very large release with some very exciting new features! The highlights include:

  • The formgrader is now an extension to the notebook, rather than a standalone service.

  • The formgrader also includes functionality for running nbgrader assign, nbgrader release, nbgrader collect, and nbgrader autograde directly from the browser.

  • A new command nbgrader zip_collect, which helps with collecting assignment files downloaded from a LMS.

  • Hidden test cases are now supported.

  • A lot of functionality has moved into standalone objects that can be called directly from Python, as well as a high-level Python API in nbgrader.apps.NbGraderAPI (see High-Level API).

  • A new Validate notebook extension, which allows students to validate an assignment notebook from the notebook itself (this is equivalent functionality to the “Validate” button in the Assignment List extension, but without requiring students to be using the Assignment List).

  • A new command nbgrader db upgrade, which allows you to migrate your nbgrader database to the latest version without having to manually execute SQL commands.

  • New cells when using the Create Assignment extension will automatically given randomly generated ids, so you don’t have to set them yourself.

  • You can assign extra credit when using the formgrader.

Important: Users updating from 0.4.x to 0.5.0 should be aware that they will need to update their nbgrader database using nbgrader db upgrade and will need to reinstall the nbgrader extensions (see Installation). Additionally, the configuration necessary to use the formgrader with JupyterHub has changed, though it is now much more straightforward (see Using nbgrader with JupyterHub).

The full list of merged PRs includes:

  • PR #789: Fix more inaccurate nbextension test failures after reruns

  • PR #788: Fix inaccurate nbextension test failures after reruns

  • PR #787: Fix slow API calls

  • PR #786: Update documentation for nbgrader as a webapp

  • PR #784: Fix race condition in validate extension tests

  • PR #782: Implement nbgrader as a webapp

  • PR #781: Assign missing notebooks a score of zero and mark as not needing grading

  • PR #780: Create a new high-level python API for nbgrader

  • PR #779: Update the year!

  • PR #778: Create and set permissions for exchange directory when using nbgrader release

  • PR #774: Add missing config options

  • PR #772: Standalone versions of nbgrader assign, autograde, and feedback

  • PR #771: Fix mathjax rendering

  • PR #770: Better cleanup when nbconvert-based apps crash

  • PR #769: Fix nbgrader validate globbing for real this time

  • PR #768: Extra credit

  • PR #766: Make sure validation works with notebook globs

  • PR #764: Migrate database with alembic

  • PR #762: More robust saving of the notebook in create assignment tests

  • PR #761: Validate assignment extension

  • PR #759: Fix nbextension tests

  • PR #758: Set random cell ids

  • PR #756: Fix deprecations and small bugs

  • PR #755: Fast validate

  • PR #754: Set correct permissions when submitting assignments

  • PR #752: Add some more informative error messages in zip collect

  • PR #751: Don’t create the gradebook database until formgrader is accessed

  • PR #750: Add documentation for how to pass numeric ids

  • PR #747: Skip over students with empty submissions

  • PR #746: Fix bug with –to in custom exporters

  • PR #738: Refactor the filtering of existing submission notebooks for formgrader

  • PR #735: Add DataTables functionality to existing formgrade tables

  • PR #732: Fix the collecting of submission files for multiple attempts of multiple notebook assignments

  • PR #731: Reset late submission penalty before checking if submission is late or not

  • PR #717: Update docs regarding solution delimeters

  • PR #714: Preserve kernelspec when autograding

  • PR #713: Use new exchange functionality in assignment list app

  • PR #712: Move exchange functionality into non-application classes

  • PR #711: Move some config options into a CourseDirectory object.

  • PR #709: Fix formgrader tests link for 0.4.x branch (docs)

  • PR #707: Force rerun nbgrader commands

  • PR #704: Fix nbextension tests

  • PR #701: Set proxy-type=none in phantomjs

  • PR #700: use check_call for extension installation in tests

  • PR #698: Force phantomjs service to terminate in Linux

  • PR #696: Turn the gradebook into a context manager

  • PR #695: Use sys.executable when executing nbgrader

  • PR #693: Update changelog from 0.4.0

  • PR #681: Hide tests in “Autograder tests” cells

  • PR #622: Integrate the formgrader into the notebook

  • PR #526: Processing of LMS downloaded submission files

Thanks to the following contributors who submitted PRs or reported issues that were merged/closed for the 0.5.0 release:

  • AnotherCodeArtist

  • dementrock

  • dsblank

  • ellisonbg

  • embanner

  • huwf

  • jhamrick

  • jilljenn

  • lgpage

  • minrk

  • suchow

  • Szepi

  • whitead

  • ZelphirKaltstahl

  • zpincus



nbgrader version 0.4.0 is a substantial release with lots of changes and several new features. The highlights include:

  • Addition of a command to modify students and assignments in the database (nbgrader db)

  • Validation of nbgrader metadata, and a command to automatically upgrade said metadata from the previous version (nbgrader update)

  • Support for native Jupyter nbextension and serverextension installation, and deprecation of the nbgrader nbextension command

  • Buttons to reveal students’ names in the formgrader

  • Better reporting of errors and invalid submissions in the “Assignment List” extension

  • Addition of a menu to change between different courses in the “Assignment List” extension

  • Support to run the formgrader as an official JupyterHub service

  • More flexible code and text stubs when creating assignments

  • More thorough documentations

Important: Users updating from 0.3.x to 0.4.0 should be aware that they will need to update the metadata in their assignments using nbgrader update and will need to reinstall the nbgrader extensions (see Installation). Additionally, the configuration necessary to use the formgrader with JupyterHub has changed, though it is now much less brittle (see Using nbgrader with JupyterHub).

The full list of merged PRs includes:

  • PR #689: Add cwd to path for all nbgrader apps

  • PR #688: Make sure the correct permissions are set on released assignments

  • PR #687: Add display_data_priority option to GetGrades preprocessor

  • PR #679: Get Travis-CI to build

  • PR #678: JUPYTERHUB_SERVICE_PREFIX is already the full URL prefix

  • PR #672: Undeprecate –create in assign and autograde

  • PR #670: Fix deprecation warnings for config options

  • PR #665: Preventing URI Encoding of the base-url in the assignment_list extension

  • PR #656: Update developer installation docs

  • PR #655: Fix saving notebook in create assignment tests

  • PR #652: Make 0.4.0 release

  • PR #651: Update changelog with changes from 0.3.3 release

  • PR #650: Print warning when no config file is found

  • PR #649: Bump the number of test reruns even higher

  • PR #646: Fix link to marr paper

  • PR #645: Fix coverage integration by adding codecov.yml

  • PR #644: Add AppVeyor CI files

  • PR #643: Add command to update metadata

  • PR #642: Handle case where points is an empty string

  • PR #639: Add and use a Gradebook contextmanager for DbApp and DbApp tests

  • PR #637: Update conda channel to conda-forge

  • PR #635: Remove conda recipe and document nbgrader-feedstock

  • PR #633: Remove extra level of depth in schema per @ellisonbg

  • PR #630: Don’t fail test_check_version test on 'import sitecustomize' failed error

  • PR #629: Update changelog for 0.3.1 and 0.3.2

  • PR #628: Make sure to include schema files

  • PR #625: Add “nbgrader db” app for modifying the database

  • PR #623: Move server extensions into their own directory

  • PR #621: Replace tabs with spaces in installation docs

  • PR #620: Document when needs manual grade is set

  • PR #619: Add CI tests for python 3.6

  • PR #618: Implement formgrader as a jupyterhub service

  • PR #617: Add ability to show student names in formgrader

  • PR #616: Rebuild docs

  • PR #615: Display assignment list errors

  • PR #614: Don’t be as strict about solution delimeters

  • PR #613: Update FAQ with platform information

  • PR #612: Update to new traitlets syntax

  • PR #611: Add metadata schema and documentation

  • PR #610: Clarify formgrader port and suppress notebook output

  • PR #607: Set instance variables in base auth class before running super init

  • PR #598: Conda recipe - nbextension link / unlink scripts

  • PR #597: Re-submitting nbextension work from previous PR

  • PR #594: Revert “Use jupyter nbextension/serverextension for installation/activation”

  • PR #591: Test empty and invalid timestamp strings

  • PR #590: Processing of invalid notebook_id

  • PR #585: Add catches for empty timestamp files and invalid timestamp strings

  • PR #581: Update docs with invoke test group commands

  • PR #571: Convert readthedocs links for their .org -> .io migration for hosted projects

  • PR #567: Handle autograding failures better

  • PR #566: Add support for true read-only cells

  • PR #565: Add option to nbgrader fetch for replacing missing files

  • PR #564: Update documentation pertaining to the assignment list extension

  • PR #563: Add ability to switch between courses in assignment list extension

  • PR #562: Add better support to transfer apps for multiple courses

  • PR #550: Add documentation regarding how validation works

  • PR #545: Document how to customize the student version of an assignment

  • PR #538: Use official HubAuth from JupyterHub

  • PR #536: Create a “nbgrader export” command

  • PR #523: Allow code stubs to be language specific

Thanks to the following contributors who submitted PRs or reported issues that were merged/closed for the 0.4.0 release:

  • adamchainz

  • AstroMike

  • ddbourgin

  • dlsun

  • dsblank

  • ellisonbg

  • huwf

  • jhamrick

  • lgpage

  • minrk

  • olgabot

  • randy3k

  • whitead

  • whositwhatnow

  • willingc



Version 0.3.3 of nbgrader is a minor bugfix release that fixes an issue with running nbgrader fetch on JupyterHub. The following PR was merged for the 0.3.3 milestone:

  • PR #600: missing sys.executable, “-m”, on fetch_assignment

Thanks to the following contributors who submitted PRs or reported issues that were merged/closed for the 0.3.3 release:

  • alikasamanli

  • hetland


Version 0.3.2 of nbgrader includes a few bugfixes pertaining to building nbgrader on conda-forge.

  • PR #608: Fix Windows tests

  • PR #601: Add shell config for invoke on windows

  • PR #593: Send xsrf token in the X-XSRF-Token header for ajax

  • PR #588: basename to wordslist

  • PR #584: Changes for Notebook v4.3 tests

Thanks to lgpage, who made all the changes necessary for the 0.3.2 release!


Version 0.3.1 of nbgrader includes a few bugfixes pertaining to PostgreSQL and updates to the documentation. The full list of merged PRs is:

  • PR #561: Close db engine

  • PR #548: Document how to install the assignment list extension for all users

  • PR #546: Make it clearer how to set due dates

  • PR #535: Document using JupyterHub with SSL

  • PR #534: Add advanced topics section in the docs

  • PR #533: Update docs on installing extensions

Thanks to the following contributors who submitted PRs or reported issues that were merged/closed for the 0.3.1 release:

  • ddbourgin

  • jhamrick

  • whositwhatnow


Version 0.3.0 of nbgrader introduces several significant changes. Most notably, this includes:

  • Windows support

  • Support for Python 3.5

  • Support for Jupyter Notebook 4.2

  • Allow assignments and students to be specified in

  • Addition of the “nbgrader quickstart” command

  • Addition of the “nbgrader extension uninstall” command

  • Create a nbgrader conda recipe

  • Add an entrypoint for late penalty plugins

The full list of merged PRs is:

  • PR #521: Update to most recent version of invoke

  • PR #512: Late penalty plugin

  • PR #510: Fix failing windows tests

  • PR #508: Run notebook/formgrader/jupyterhub on random ports during tests

  • PR #507: Add a FAQ

  • PR #506: Produce a warning if no coverage files are produced

  • PR #505: Use .utcnow() rather than .now()

  • PR #498: Add a section on autograding wisdom

  • PR #495: Raise an error on iopub timeout

  • PR #494: Write documentation on creating releases

  • PR #493: Update nbgrader to be compatible with notebook version 4.2

  • PR #492: Remove generate_hubapi_token from docs

  • PR #490: Temporarily pin to notebook 4.1

  • PR #489: Make sure next/prev buttons use correct base_url

  • PR #486: Add new words to wordlist

  • PR #485: Update README gif links after docs move into nbgrader

  • PR #477: Create a conda recipe

  • PR #473: More helpful default comment box message

  • PR #470: Fix broken links

  • PR #467: unpin jupyter-client

  • PR #466: Create nbgrader quickstart command

  • PR #465: Confirm no SSL when running jupyterhub

  • PR #464: Speed up tests

  • PR #461: Add more prominent links to demo

  • PR #460: Test that other kernels work with nbgrader

  • PR #458: Add summary and links to resources in docs

  • PR #457: Update formgrader options to not conflict with the notebook

  • PR #455: More docs

  • PR #454: Simplify directory and notebook names

  • PR #453: Merge user guide into a few files

  • PR #452: Improve docs reliability

  • PR #451: Execute documentation notebooks manually

  • PR #449: Allow –assignment flag to be used with transfer apps

  • PR #448: Add –no-execute flag to

  • PR #447: Remove option to generate the hubapi token

  • PR #446: Make sure perms are set correctly by nbgrader submit

  • PR #445: Skip failures and log to file

  • PR #444: Fix

  • PR #443: Specify assignments and students in the config file

  • PR #442: Fix build errors

  • PR #430: Reintroduce flit-less

  • PR #425: Enable 3.5 on travis.

  • PR #421: Fix Contributor Guide link

  • PR #414: Restructure user guide TOC and doc flow to support new users

  • PR #413: Windows support

  • PR #411: Add tests for https

  • PR #409: Make a friendlier development install

  • PR #408: Fix formgrader to use course directory

  • PR #407: Add –no-metadata option to nbgrader assign

  • PR #405: nbgrader release typo

  • PR #402: Create a Contributor Guide in docs

  • PR #397: Port formgrader to tornado

  • PR #395: Specify root course directory

  • PR #387: Use sys.executable to run suprocesses

  • PR #386: Use relative imports

  • PR #384: Rename the html directory to formgrader

  • PR #381: Access notebook server of formgrader user

Thanks to the following contributors who submitted PRs or reported issues that were merged/closed for the 0.3.0 release:

  • alchemyst

  • Carreau

  • ellisonbg

  • ischurov

  • jdfreder

  • jhamrick

  • jklymak

  • joschu

  • lgpage

  • mandli

  • mikebolt

  • minrk

  • olgabot

  • sansary

  • svurens

  • vinaykola

  • willingc



Adds some improvements to the documentation and fixes a few small bugs:

  • Add requests as a dependency

  • Fix a bug where the “Create Assignment” extension was not rendering correctly in Safari

  • Fix a bug in the “Assignment List” extension when assignment names had periods in them

  • Fix integration with JupyterHub when SSL is enabled

  • Fix a bug with computing checksums of cells that contain UTF-8 characters under Python 2


Fixes a few small bugs in v0.2.0:

  • Make sure checksums can be computed from cells containing unicode characters

  • Fixes a bug where nbgrader autograde would crash if there were any cells with blank grade ids that weren’t actually marked as nbgrader cells (e.g. weren’t tests or read-only or answers)

  • Fix a few bugs that prevented postgres from being used as the database for nbgrader


Version 0.2.0 of nbgrader primarily adds support for version 4.0 of the Jupyter notebook and associated project after The Big Split. The full list of major changes are:

  • Jupyter notebook 4.0 support

  • Make it possible to run the formgrader inside a Docker container

  • Make course_id a requirement in the transfer apps (list, release, fetch, submit, collect)

  • Add a new assignment list extension which allows students to list, fetch, validate, and submit assignments from the notebook dashboard interface

  • Auto-resize text boxes when giving feedback in the formgrader

  • Deprecate the BasicConfig and NbGraderConfig classes in favor of a NbGrader class

Thanks to the following contributors who submitted PRs or reported issues that were merged/closed for the 0.2.0 release:

  • alope107

  • Carreau

  • ellisonbg

  • jhamrick

  • svurens


I’m happy to announce that the first version of nbgrader has (finally) been released! nbgrader is a tool that I’ve been working on for a little over a year now which provides a suite of tools for creating, releasing, and grading assignments in the Jupyter notebook. So far, nbgrader has been used to grade assignments for the class I ran in the spring, as well as two classes that Brian Granger has taught.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc., please do open an issue on the bugtracker. This is still a very new tool, so I am sure there is a lot that can be improved upon!

Thanks so much to all of the people who have contributed to this release by reporting issues and/or submitting PRs:

  • alope107

  • Carreau

  • ellachao

  • ellisonbg

  • ivanslapnicar

  • jdfreder

  • jhamrick

  • jonathanmorgan

  • lphk92

  • redSlug

  • smeylan

  • suchow

  • svurens

  • tasilb

  • willingc