Developer installation

Getting the source code

The source files for nbgrader and its documentation are hosted on GitHub. To clone the nbgrader repository:

git clone
cd nbgrader

Installing and building nbgrader

Building nbgrader jupyterlab extension requires nodejs to be installed. We recommand using conda environment with mamba:

# create a new environment
mamba create -n nbgrader -c conda-forge python nodejs -y

# activate the environment
mamba activate nbgrader

pip install -e ".[dev,docs,tests]"

Installing Jupyter labextensions

The labextensions are compiled during installation, and should be in the nbgrader/labextension directory. There are 5 of them (formgrader, assignment list, course list, validate assignment and create assignment).

All of the labextensions and server extensions are automatically installed and enabled when installing nbgrader.

To install lab extension in developer mode:

jupyter labextension develop --overwrite .