JavaScript dependencies

For the time being, we are committing JavaScript dependencies to the nbgrader repository as that makes nbgrader installation much easier.

Adding or updating JavaScript libraries

If you need to add a new library, or update the version of a library, you will need to have npm installed.

To install npm on OS X, use Homebrew to install node (npm will be installed along with node):

brew update
brew install node

To install npm on Linux with apt-get, use:

apt-get update
apt-get install node
apt-get install npm

Modify the bower.json file in the root of the nbgrader repository and then run:

python js

This will download and install the correct versions of the dependencies to nbgrader/server_extensions/formgrader/static/components. Usually, JavaScript libraries installed in this way include a lot of extra files (e.g. tests, documentation) that we don’t want to commit to the nbgrader repository. If this is the case, please add these files to the .gitignore file so these extra files are ignored and don’t get committed.